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Little Nike Pre-School
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Little Nike Preschool
700 S Roosevelt Avenue
(Located within the Notre Dame Elementary School)
Burlington, Iowa 52601

Little Nike Preschool strives to

  • Develop positive attitudes among children about learning and school
  • Promote the total development of the pre kindergarten child, including social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills
  • Help each child realize his or her uniqueness, self-worth and importance in God's world


Reading The curriculum includes art, circle time, learning activities, development of gross and fine motor skills, music, physical education, story time, supervised play and snack time. Art
Children are introduced to a variety of literature and music.  Puppets and motions make songs come alive Puppets Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways
SongAndDance2 Children get a wide variety of learning experiences including both group and individual activities Expression
Children are encourage to build a sense of independence and confidence Counting Concepts such as numbers, letters, letter sounds, colors, and shapes are reinforced daily
ShowTell Manners and personal hygiene are stressed as they go through the day Numbers
Show and Tell allows them to share and learn to express themselves WashHands Snack time allows for learning as well as nourishment.
Prayer Children help set the table and pass out glasses at snack time Helping
Children pray and give thanks to God MealPrayer Parents take turns providing snacks
ActivityTime2 Children work with both fine motor and gross motor activities Snack
With hard work comes playtime PlayTime4 Children receive a variety of tactile experiences
Aide Caring teachers work to make a difference in the lives of the children FineMotor5
Art allows children to develop fine motor skills and express themselves Teacher2 All age levels participate in a variety of off-campus field trips


The preschool offers a choice of two sessions for three-year olds and three sessions for four-year olds.

Three-year olds:

8:45 -11:00 AM Mon/Wed
8:45-11:00 AM Tues/Thurs

Four-year olds:

8:45 -11:00 AM Mon-Fri
12:15-2:30 Mon/Wed/Fri
12:15-2:30 Mon/Tues/Thurs



Each class has one teacher and one aide.  The program and staff are licensed by the Department of Human Services.  Physical Education is taught by a certified PE teacher.


The registration process for preschool is as follows:
October 1--Burlington Notre Dame parents have one month to preregister their child for the 3-year-old program or they can put a child on the waiting list for the 4-year-old program if they do not currently have the child in the 3-year-old program.

November 1--Parish family members (without children currently enrolled at Burlington Notre Dame) now have one month to preregister children for the 3 and 4- year-old programs.

December 1--Enrollment is open to the general public.

January--Enrollment of current 3 and 4-year-old preschool students begins.  Once those children are accommodated, the children on the waiting lists are placed in classes as space allows.

March--Formal preschool registration takes place in March.  Both programs follow the requirements set by the State of Iowa--children must be 3 or 4 years old by September 15th to qualify for the desired program.